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24 hour UK service
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Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00
Premium Rate Connection Service. All Customer Number calls are capped at the rate of £1.53 from a BT landline. Calls cannot exceed this amount from a BT landline. Calls from mobiles and other networks may vary. Official site is here. Simply call the number above to obtain the UK telephone number for the EA Sports General Enquiries Customer service team.

EA-Sports Info


The EA-Sports customer helpline contact number should provide you assistance in the following areas.

• EA Sports Adviceline
• Electronic Arts Sports Customer Relations
• It's in the Game! Complaints Number
• Tech support Customer Contact
• Customer Service Center

Our UK EA Games & Origin Adviceline Contact number for ALL EA Games including;
FIFA 15 and associated series
Battlefield / Battlefront
Rory Mcllroy PGA Tour 2016
Contact number for Origin

Using our EA Contact number and Origin contact number you will be able to gain help to the below;

Getting Started

  • How to set up an Origin account.
  • How to link your Origin account with EA games, such as FIFA, Tiger Woods & Battlefield 4.
  • How to change or reset your Origin E-mail or password.
  • How to verify your Origin account.
  • Setting up or changing your Origin bank or purchasing details.
  • Contact EA Games to make a complaint on any of our services

You may need to contact EA or contact Origin for help with individual games that you have purchased.

FIFA 2015 / Madden

You will need to contact EA or Origin for help with the following - Just call the number above

  • Connecting your Origin account to your FIFA/Madden game.
  • Cannot connect to the EA gaming servers.
  • Loss of players or coins on your Ultimate Team.
  • Unable to connect to the Ultimate Team Shop.
  • Problems whilst purchasing FIFA/Madden points.
  • Cannot play FIFA/Madden Ultimate Team games.
  • Unable to open packs on FIFA/Madden Ultimate Team.
  • Problems with your security question on FIFA/Madden Ultimate Team.
  • How to create or reset your security question on FIFA/Madden Ultimate Team.
  • Loss of data on Career Mode or your Pro.

Battlefield 4 + previous versions

You will need to contact EA or Origin for help with the following - Just call the number above

  • Troubleshooting information for Battlefield 4.
  • Problems with purchasing and downloading content on Battlefield.
  • How to setup/rent a Battlefield server.
  • Updating or purchasing Battlefield errors.
  • What is Battlefield Premium and how to purchase it?
  • Installation issues for Battlefield.
  • Reporting hackers or cheaters.
  • Loss of data on your Battlefield account.
  • Stuck on the Battlefield loading screen.
  • Unable to join games on Battlefield.
  • Updates and patch notes for Battlefield.
  • Contact EA for help across all gaming platforms - PC / Xbox / PlayStation etc.

The Sims

You will need to contact EA or Origin for help with the following things - Just call the number above

  • Why was your pre-order cancelled for the Sims?
  • Patch Notes for the Sims.
  • Trouble whilst installing the Sims.
  • Contact EA for problems purchasing the Sims.
  • Loss of data on the Sims.
  • Cannot find the Sims from the demo in your library.
  • Your computer cannot run the Sims.
  • Changing/recovering your E-mail and password for the Sims.
  • Wanting a refund for the Sims game.

History of Electronic Arts (EA)

Electronic Arts is a game developer, publisher and marketer based in America and founded May 28th 1982 by Trip Hawkins.  In 2011, Electronic Arts became known as the world's third largest gaming company from revenue. EA is known for making some of the world's most popular games, such as FIFA, Madden, Battlefield, Titanfall and UFC. FIFA is EA's bestselling gaming franchise with over 100million units sold over the years and across all platforms.

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Contact Helpline

Contact Helpline is a directory service. We strive to deliver you customer service numbers that many big firms & corporations hide.

Simply Call the number above to obtain the EA-Sports contact helpline.

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Being the world's most popular gaming franchise, FIFA is known world-wide. Simply being a football game, it sells over 1million copies each year as a new updated version is released. FIFA has many different game modes allowing the player to find the one which suites him most.

FIFA Ultimate Team is by far the most popular game mode which allows the player to start with a very basic team and play against either the computer or other online players to upgrade his team. As you complete matches, seasons and cups you gain coins from which you can purchase better players and improve your team through the year. If you are feeling lucky, players are able to purchase a pack which randomly gives him different items such as players, fitness cards or contracts.

FIFA packs can be bought with either in-game coins or FIFA points can be purchased with real money to buy packs. As this game mode is so competitive and intense, players enjoy trying to gain the best team whether it is against their friends or anyone from around the world.

Do you need help taking free kicks - watch this video from EA Games.


Battlefield is a first person shooter based on war, available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. It differs from any other shooting games due to its large maps, vehicle warfare and how it relies heavily on teamwork and cooperation. As of 2012, Battlefield has served over 50million players worldwide since its first release in 2002. Since 2002 there have been 9 different versions of Battlefield beginning with Battlefield: 1942. At first Battlefield was on available on PC however Battlefield 2: Modern Combat was released for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2005. It was later updated with better graphics, online features and became available on Xbox 360. Battlefield 4 is available now on the next gen consoles; PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, selling over 1 million copies across all platforms.


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